Shadcore is a hip-hop artist/ songwriter from St. Petersburg, Fl. Steering away from the typical rapper cliche Shadcore chooses to keep his lyrics profanity free yet still raw enough for you and your mom to enjoy! In 2015 he released his long awaited 4th album, "Oh My Shad!", which was recorded at SPC while attending the school's MIRA Program (Music Industry Recording Arts).

"Shadcore flexes his syrupy rhyme chops all throughout the album but shows he can speed up his verse-slinging style in the sinister “Shadzilla” and get more sneeringly aggressive in the title track, a guitar-riffing rap rock ode here Shadcore sheds light on his history and the road that led to his hard-earned bravado, his own hilarious outcries of self strengthened by the commanding backing verses of TRC vocalist Eliana Blanchard." - Creative Loafing, Tampa

After hearing Run-D.M.C. at an early age Shadcore realized that he too wanted to move crowds like his musical heroes. He began penning his own lyrics at the age of 9.  Fast forward 16 years and it was crystal clear to the Florida emcee that rapping was his calling when he won a BRAND NEW CAR in a jingle-writing competition! A few years later favor would shine down on him again when he was one of five finalists to win a trip to New York, courtesy of VH-1 in a freestyle competition known as VH-1's Freestyle59. He was the runner-up in 2005 and he came in 3rd place the following year.

In 2012 Shadcore and his college classmate/ friend Jay "Jay Ack" Wilson co-founded a hip-hop ensemble at the college, after Wilson realized that there wasn't a spot for hip-hop in the school's current curriculum. What began as a semester long class has evolved into one of the biggest names in Tampa music, TRC (The Real Clash). A full fledged  band, complete with guitar, keys, bass, drums and 3 vocalists TRC has a live set that is sure to electrify! Shadcore is the frontman and he uses his big booming voice to captivate the audience at the start of every show. They curiously gravitate to the front of the stage in sheer anticipation of an experience that they will not soon forget!